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Commercial LED Lighting

An often-overlooked business expense, lighting can cause a significant financial burden if not set-up correctly. But by utilising the Government’s Energy Rebate Scheme, the installation of modern LED Lighting can be a huge cost-saving exercise for your business.

Backup Power Solutions

With an ever-increasing reliance on technology, most modern businesses simply cannot operate without continuous electricity. Regardless of the industry – medical, IT, retail, hospitality or commercial – Commercial Power Solutions can tailor a system to suit your needs.

Solar Energy Solutions

It’s easy to recognise that businesses can receive enormous benefits from a professionally installed Solar-Powered system. As a certified provider, Commercial Power Solutions can maximise the Government’s incentives and subsequently offset the cost of installation for our customers.

Installations, Service & Maintenance

With OH&S requirements becoming more stringent, we provide a range of services to assist with compliance such as Test & Tagging, Data Cabling and Scheduled Maintenance. Our experienced team can assist with small offices to large commercial factories – and everything in between.

About us

Commercial Power Solutions

As our name states, commercial power provides electrical services to the commercial world and with a focus on power saving products, power uptime and power savings.

Our expert team work to set up the ideal commercial power system for each individual client. Whether your business is in retail, industrial or the medical space, our team have the experience to set up and maintain the most effective system to match your needs.

With a comprehensive product offering including set up and install of LED lighting, complete solar installations, integrated emergency systems and standby generators, we can solve your problems and make saving easy.

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Our Projects

Some of our recently completed projects.

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Commercial power solutions has a diverse range of customer and industry experience below is some of our latest news.

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