Energy Audits

Energy Audits

All business these days are under increased pressure through more opposition, reduced margins increased compliance expenses and the list just seems to continue. The role of a business owner or key decision maker  is to make decisions that on a cumulative basis ultimately lead to the best possible return to the investors or share holders that have a financial exposure.

It has always amused us as to how complicated we can make the task of trying to find the tiny incremental increase to top line performance at great effort and expense with the hope that the if we hold our breath with crossed fingers that we will eventually see a bottom line improvement.

As we are bombarded with silver bullet solutions in the form of software packages, analytics, crm, web based apps which in all honesty generally only make us greater slaves to machines with no real net effect to business except highlighting the business change requirements.

Sometimes in business we need to step back to basics and actually look at the old fashioned profit and loss statement and see where the real financial improvements could be found inside of our respective businesses.  Yes it’s been stated you can improve the bottom line performance of a business without a new subscription.  The reduction or total removal of a cost inside of a business can have much greater return on effort than that of a top line improvement.

At Commercial Power Solution we specialise in one element of business cost reductions which is to investigate where a business  spends money on energy in the form of electricity consumption. We can then make suggestions where savings could be made for the business. Generally speaking we find that the savings are significant through changes in technology and an implementation of a smart approach to energy use.  Once the changes are made and the culture of unnecessary electricity consumption has shifted the business will see the financial benefits immediately.

The benefits are not only financial but the silver lining is a reduced environmental impact applied in the way of reduced carbon footprint, a big call out for those of us with an environmental conscience.

Whether wholesale changes are needed or minor adjustments to energy ecosystems, Commercial Power are experts in determining the best solution for your business.