NSW – Energy Savings Scheme

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NSW Energy saving scheme

Currently the NSW government is incentivising businesses to invest in technologies that  save businesses through reductions in electricity consumption costs. It is simple, effective and it’s actually a genuine contribution from the state government to improve the financial position of qualifying businesses who participate.

How it works?

In essence any existing commercial premise that is currently using outdated inefficient lighting systems in their daily operations is likely to be able to participate.  That business would then find a suitable energy savings scheme accredited installer to asses and replace all old technology lighting fixtures with approved LED fixtures.

The installation and replace light fixture costs are partially subsidised by the government with a minimum contribution required by the benefiting business.

The whole process is required to meet minimum standards of lighting specific to application so clients are not left with lighting of a lesser standard of the replaced lighting fixtures.

There is a component of paperwork and audit questions that apply to each installation but this is not an onerous task by any means.

To find out more we have attached the current Energy saving scheme information sheet provided by IPart.  Click to download

How much time will be required form the business owner?

A problem to all business owners these days even though there is an opportunity to make a genuine difference to the running costs their respective commercial operations, setting aside time to engage with a new business relationship can be a daunting.  At commercial power solutions we recognise this and all of our team are sympathetic to needs of our clients. The minimum engagement we really require form a customer is engagement to start the process really a simple phone call inviting us to appraise the prospective site, followed by an opportunity to submit a proposal and once accepted we perform the install at a time suitable to the business.

In essence a really simple painless process, considering most our clients experience serious saving in reduced electricity cost some times into the tens of thousands per year it is very attractive return on the investment of one’s time.

How can Commercial power help?

Commercial power was established specifically to ensure that whilst there is a requirement from the community engage with schemes like the ESS that our clients maximise the benefit to gained from participation.  Also we have found by applying our skill sets we can simplify the process for businesses which in most business don’t have the time nor the capacity to manage such a process.

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