Energy Savings Scheme

What is the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)?
The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is an NSW Government initiative which is designed to help reduce energy use by creating financial incentives for businesses investing in energy-saving measures.

These measures involve businesses installing, improving or replacing energy-saving equipment such as lighting and solar panels. To participate in the scheme, however, businesses must use Accredited Certificate Providers – such as Commercial Power – to implement the energy saving solutions.

How Do I Get Involved?
According to the ESS website, broad requirements for participation in the scheme involve an activity which must reduce energy consumption without reducing production levels or quality of service. Specifically, eligibility can be defined as either: modifying end-user equipment, modifying usage of end-user equipment, replacing end-user equipment, installing new end-user equipment or removing end-user equipment.

Participation in the Energy Savings Scheme is entirely voluntary but businesses are required to utilise ACPs to execute the installation, repair and maintenance of the energy-saving measures.
As an Accredited Certificate Provider, Commercial Power can implement and manage the entire ESS process for businesses, saving our customers both valuable time and money.

How the ESS Scheme Works

The ESS is not a rebate scheme and subsequently there are no direct financial rebates offered as an incentive. Instead, the ESS is a Certificate trading scheme which allows Accredited Certificate Providers to create Energy Savings Certificates based on energy upgrades they deliver to businesses.
The Provider can then sell those Certificates to scheme participants, such as electricity companies,
and subsequently use the revenue to provide savings to customers.

Confused? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

At Commercial Power, we take care of all the heavy lifting and organise everything your business
needs to be compliant with the ESS.

And the best part – the price. Commercial Power removes the complication of the entire process and
handles all the necessary compliance obligations to ensure our customers receive the best possible
outcome for their business.

In short, we provide our customers with one low price for the entire project – from consultation to
installation – so you don’t have the hassle of claiming rebates or certificates in the future.