Scheduled maintenance of Solar Systems

Scheduled maintenance of Solar Systems

It has becoming alarming obvious that businesses with solar installations are not aware that solar panels need routine maintenance and cleaning.  Like most items we purchase we accept they need to be maintained so they perform at their optimum. Unfortunately because solar systems are  effectively out of sight they are out of mind.

Now we all understand that a motor vehicle with various components that not only wear they also have components that if they fail could mean getting stuck on the side of the road at the most incontinent time.  Well a solar system is no different we rely on solar to offset peak demands for electricity within our businesses if not maintained the solar system will certainly let us down.

Contrary to popular beliefs solar systems convert light to energy not heat so dirt and grime are big enemies of solar panels. Not only does the dirt stop the photovoltaic cells from absorbing as much light as required for peak performance but the extra radiant heat absorbed dramatically reduces the capabilities of the cells to convert light to electricity. In effect dirty unmaintained solar panels will perform at their worst when electricity is at its most expensive.

Commercial Power Solutions can help by scheduling routine servicing which includes the cleaning of panels ensuring optimum performance of your solar system. Like the regular scheduled service of your motor vehicles we can also make sure all of you installation is compliant and no safety hazards exist.

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