Lake Veterinary Clinic – LED Lighting Upgrade

Client: Lake Veterinary Clinic (Charlestown)

Client requirements:

  • Energy Saving
  • Improve workplace lighting

About our Client:

As one of Hunters most respected Veterinary service providers with 3 location across the Lake Macquarie region. Lake Veterinary hospital proved comprehensive services for every stage of your pet ownership from the all important infancy to the later years where the needs significantly change. All of their staff are extremely well trained professional and compassionate with a genuine interest in the health of their clients pets.

The project:

Completed October 2018 Lake Vet had two main focuses one to reduce the energy consumption of the business and the other was to improve the business environment, creating a work environment more suited to the focus of the business where poor lighting makes it challenging for all employees be it a Vet examining a clients pet or the admin staff performing clerical data entry tasks.

Overall our client has seen significant improvements to the lighting level achieved throughout the premises with staff and clients noticing the significant improvement to the overall feel of the whole business. Coupled with the improved lighting  Lake Vet has seen a significant reduction in the power consumption with the replacement LED light fittings seeing a 62% reduction in the electricity consumed by lighting .

Commercial Power Solutions contribution.

We contributed to the successful outcome on this project by completing a full assessment of lighting and environment lighting levels. Once established we then formulated a proposal that provided a full replacement of all existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures with the latest LED compliant lighting. This solution delivered a 62% reduction in overall electricity consumption through lighting whilst the business is operating, coupled with this saving Commercial Power Solutions  facilitated the Energy Saving rebate to offset part of the installation dramatically reducing the pay back on the initial investment costs.