Integrated Living

Intergrated Living Wellness Centre
Integrated Living – Wellness Centre

Client: Integrated Living

Client requirements:

  • Energy Saving
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduction in carbon footprint


About our Client:

Integratedliving Australia is one of Australia’s leading community care service providers. Established in 2008 servicing rural and remote areas of Australia for the aged, those with disability and other members of the community providing essentials like meals to activities focused on healthy lifestyle and overall well being. Our client has strong sense of community with  a holistic approach to doing what is right for the entire community not just the members blessed with Integrated livings support.

The project:

Integratedliving’s needs were very much based on their core values of providing the best possible outcome for all they interact with including clients, staff and the environment that we all share as the greater community.

With the key values we replaced all lighting throughout the office, admin centre and Integrated Livings much celebrated wellness centre. This retrofit of energy efficient LED lighting solution provided a brighter more inviting work and wellness facility. Not only has our client seen a lift in moral and engagement but they have seen a significant reduction in energy consumption, seeing a reduction of 43%  in lighting energy consumption coupled with an immediate very measurable saving in dollar terms and a reduction in the carbon footprint of the organisation.

Interrated Living Office Wharf Rd Newcasle
Integrated living Office Wharf Rd Newcastle – LED Light Retrofit Project

Commercial Power Solutions contribution.

Our contribution on this project was achieved by analysing the site and the requirements of our clients. We successfully delivered a solution which met the full expectations of  Integrated Living.

We also facilitated the full entitlement of the Energy Savings scheme for Integrated Living so the time to return our clients investment was greatly reduced.