Storm Season

Storm Season and Effects on Power Supply

As we enter the warmer months in Australia we also find ourselves and our businesses more exposed to storms. Storms can affect business power supply in a number of ways.

  • Direct loss of power through an entire infrastructure outage
  • Localised outage where a lighting strike, flooding or wind has affected supply to a building.
  • Over or under supply of voltage which can severely effect or worse case destroy it infrastructure.

All the above although very risk to the supply of electricity to your business or home are in most cases preventable minimising risk to business operations during storm season in Australia.

The first Commercial Power Solutions can offer a range of integrated emergency standby  power generator installations that in the event of a total power outage will restore power within seconds allowing your business to operate without disruption.

The second and third become a little more complicated but we can offer a range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)  which not only shield the local IT infrastructure form surges or under supply but dependent on size will allow the IT equipment to run uninterrupted for a period till such time as mains supply is restored or and alternate power source has been introduced.

We always do our best to inform customers that all preventative measures need to be installed prior to a major event as all potential equipment installs take time to provision and commission, and most cases the preventative cost is far cheaper than the cumulative cost of insurance excesses, loss of productivity and stress associated with managing a problem that was preventable.

Like always one our team would be more than happy to discuss your electricity supply contingencies  for the summer months in Australia.

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